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Voice4Victims was set up by campaigner, Claire Waxman to spearhead the victims' rights campaign for a Victims' Law. Claire and her co-director, Harry Fletcher, drafted the first Victims' Bill which was strengthened and introduced into House of Commons by Sir Keir Starmer. ' Claire Waxman has mounted a forthright campaign to secure a stronger voice for victims.' House of Commons - 4th March 2015. Voice4Victims proposed victims' rights amendments to the Policing and Crime Bill, based on the Victims' Bill and these were sponsored by Baroness Brinton and were passed in the House of Lords on 12th December 2016. On 18th January 2017, the Government conceded and agreed a 12 month timeframe to review Victims' rights with the aim of primary legislation. Claire and Harry were instrumental in the campaign for the stalking law reform which led to a new law for Stalking on 25th November 2012 . They are committed to improving the rights of victims and on 28th November 2016, launched the Abuse of Process campaign which aims to tackle the escalating problem of victims being abused by perpetrators through legal platforms. They have also drafted the Sexual Offences Bill, to protect victims of rape and sexual assault and it has it's second reading on 24th March 2017,

House of Lords – 24th April 2012
Baroness Royall of Blaisdon: My Lords, today we are almost there: a new law on stalking....I also pay tribute to those women who have shown extraordinary courage in the face of this harrowing crime: women like Claire Waxman, .....whose lives were stolen by their stalkers, but all of whom are utterly determined to make sure that future victims get the justice and protection that they deserve.


Develop strong and effective law where victims of crime have RIGHTS to:
- Access Justice
- Support
- Protection
- Information
- Respect
- Equality
To see the government uphold it's manifesto commit to a Victims' Law by placing victims’ rights firmly into statutory law and not dilute these rights by burying them in codes and guidelines that hold no weight.
To see a Criminal justice system that works for victims, protects the public and restores public trust in the effectiveness and equality of this system.


We welcome campaigners, charities and organisations that work with victims of crime to get involved and offer their expertise, support or interest in our campaign.
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Many victims have had appalling experiences at the hands of the Criminal Justice System and feel as if they have been ‘re-victimised’ , ‘marginalised’ and ‘ re-abused’ by the justice process. We are therefore urging ALL victims of crime to have their voice heard and complete a victims rights online survey about their experience as a victim in the Criminal Justice System. This survey will give us evidence to prove that a victims code is not robust enough to protect the rights of victims and that a Victims Rights Law, supported by training of all agencies that engage with victims, is well overdue. We feel that a Victims Rights Law will re-address the imbalance of rights and create a justice system fair to all.
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