Voice4Victims can provide training / presentations and seminars to Criminal justice agencies, charities and organisations who work with victims.

The training is victim focused, research and practice based to ensure that those working with victims of stalking or those wanting to understand the rights of victims, are able to provide a better service to the victim.

Voice4Victims works with a number of training partners to provide training and awareness in the following areas:

Topics include:

  • Recognising stalking & understanding behaviours and impact on victim
  • Cyberstalking
  • Current rights of Victims & new legislation proposals. Aim is to increase agencies knowledge and understanding on how they treat victims and interact with them and how best to support them.
  • Emotional Intelligence training to help staff feel empowered in their role and engage and communicate more effectively with victims

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“better understanding of victim’s journey and how to support them’

“impactful speech that has made me look at stalking in a new light”

“shocked at what I’ve heard but keen to not repeat mistakes and do all I can for stalking victims”

“hard hitting presentation and have gained great insight into stalking”