Get Your MP To support the Victims’ Bill

Thank you for your interest in our campaign.

To view the Comprehensive Victims’ Bill drafted in conjunction with Sir Keir Starmer MP, Harry Fletcher, Digital Trust and Doreen Lawrence, please click here Victims Bill January 2016

Please show your support for this campaign by ensuring your local MP and Police and Crime Commissioner are aware of the vital need for a Victims’ Law.

Please take a few moments to email your local MP and ask them to support Keir Starmer’s cross-party Victims’ Bill by sending them the following email:

Dear [x],

As your constituent, I am writing to ask for your support for a Victims’ rights law which will ensure that victims have legally enforceable rights when they become a victim of crime.

The campaign has been run by Voice4Victims ( and the Bill has been introduced by Sir Keir Starmer, MP and has cross-party support.

This is an important piece of legislation and one which will help victims of crime when accessing justice and support.

As your constituent, I would be grateful if you would give your support to the Victims’ Bill.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,


[Full address, including postcode]