A stalker made my life hell… but justice system made it worse

CRIME victim Claire Waxman has launched a scathing attack on the criminal justice system which has caused her as much anguish as the stalker who ruined her life.

She has called on the Government to create a “Victims Bill” of legal rights and protection to end what she says is “state-sanctioned abuse, marginalisation and discrimination” of crime victims.

During nearly a decade of torment, Claire, 37, discovered police originally laughed off her complaints of stalking and, when the harassment continued even after the offender had spent time in jail, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped a case against him for fear of breaching HIS human rights.

Now the stalker is back on the streets and Claire this week told The Sun how the Probation Service, which was meant to warn her of his release, did not know they were meant to do so until she told them.

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