Abuse of Process Conference 11th July

Voice4Victims is hosting the Abuse of Process conference at the House of Commons on Monday 11th July 10am – 12pm. This conference will look at the problems victims are facing when perpetrators are allowed to access legal processes to further campaigns of abuse against their victims. The impact on victims is prolonged and devastating and we will be highlighting the legal loopholes and pathways that enable this abuse to continue.

Over the past few years, there has been positive work to address some of these issues but without a joined up approach, the situation remains unresolved and means that cases brought against victims in the civil and family courts have a long-lasting and highly detrimental impact on their lives. Voice4Victims, which has led the campaign on the victims’ rights legislation, is hosting this event with the view of producing a report and launching the ‘Abuse of Process’ campaign to redress the imbalance of rights through legislation and test case advocacy.

Speakers and panelists will include: victims experience of this abuse, Sir Keir Starmer, MP, Jess Phillips, MP , Jane Monkton Smith, senior lecturer in criminology, DC Candler, Metropolitan Police, Mitchell Woolf, Human rights solicitor and Harry Fletcher, criminal justice expert, formerly NAPO. The conference will raise the issues of rights of access to courts, breaches of human rights, victim’s experience, the motivation and psychology of the perpetrator and the issue of courts and legal aid.

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