Claire Waxman wins Suzy Lamplugh Trust , Taking Stalking Seriously award

SLT award 2 SLT award

Claire Waxman, founder of Voice4Victims, today won the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, Taking Stalking Seriously award at the National Personal Safety Awards. She was nominated alongside two other fantastic organisations, Hollie Gazzard Trust and the Digital Trust.

Claire has campaigned since 2010, to raise public awareness of stalking and has trained justice agencies and Parliamentarians in recognising the pattern of stalking behaviour and the impact it has on the victims. She now offers invaluable peer support to other stalking victims and shares her journey and experience in order to advise, signpost them and challenge the obstacles they face when trying to navigate the justice system.

During Claire’s twelve year ordeal, she successfully challenged the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision not to prosecute her stalker. Her landmark victory means the Judgement she received sets a precedent for other stalking cases with similar experiences. She now works with the human rights legal team from her own case, to help advise victims being stalked via legal processes in the family and civil courts.

Claire said after the event, ‘ Today was a recognition of many years of hard work, alongside many dedicated people, to try and improve access to justice and support for stalking victims. I am committed to extrapolating the vital learning from both my own case and the case of many other stalking victims, so authorities respond to stalking robustly ensuring better protection of victims. We have made great steps so far but the work must continue if we are to see a real culture shift in attitude to the way stalking victims are supported and treated.’

Claire is currently working alongside Sir Keir Starmer and Harry Fletcher on a Victims Law, to legislate the rights of victims.


  1. Ann Moulds says:

    A huge congratulations Claire. Your work deserves to be honoured. I am so pleased today brought the recognition you so richly deserve.

    • Voice4Victims says:

      Thanks Ann. Your support of my work has been invaluable. I share this award with you and the many others who have helped me get to this stage.

  2. Congratulations Claire, well deserved. Good to meet up at the Awards and say hello.

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