Claire Waxman indepth interview on the emotional toll of stalking – Daily Mail – 02/05/2015

After all this time, Claire Waxman struggles to know what to call the man who has tormented her for 12 long years. ‘I don’t like to use his name because that personalises him,’ she says quietly.
‘But then even calling him my stalker feels wrong, like somehow there is a relationship between us. I don’t like to call him anything really. He is just “that man”.’
Her reluctance is understandable: for more than a decade ‘that man’ has wreaked havoc in Claire’s life, waging an intense campaign of harassment and intimidation.
His name — although Claire will not say it — is Elliot Fogel, a 40-year-old former television producer who has stalked her obsessively since 2003

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