Voice4Victims Draft Amendments to Change Unduly Lenient Sentences

After a few recent high profile cases on stalking and sexual abuse of children, Voice4Victims was appalled to see that the unduly lenient sentences could not be referred to the Attorney General due to a technicality that the scheme was out of date.

Thankfully, we could add this vital amendment to the up and coming amendments to the Policing and Crime Bill, which gives victims legally enforceable rights.

Claire Waxman, Director who highlighted this flaw in the system said ” It takes a lot of courage for a victim to come forward and face the ordeal of the justice process. When an unduly lenient sentence is then passed and the victim cannot have their case referred to the Attorney General, because the scheme is outdated , then justice has failed. This is devastating for a victim, especially when all perpetrators have the right to appeal their sentences but it’s not the same from the victim’s side. This imbalance of rights must be addressed.”

Harry Fletcher, Director, who drafted the amendments said “The law on the the ability of the Attorney General to refer such cases to the court of appeal needs urgent revision”.

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